Uimonen/Lorenzen: Trilogia/Trilogi – Indigo

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Uimonen/Lorenzen is a new Finnish-Danish duo that believes that the laws of beauty don’t obey limits, borders or boundaries. Uimonen/Lorenzen is not afraid to break the norms of genres and aim to reach the universally relatable deep layers of existence that all humans share beneath the minor differences on the surface.

The duo was formed when Emmi Karoliina Uimonen and Troels Strange Lorenzen found each other in the folk music department of Sibelius-Academy and discovered that they speak the same language aesthetically and philosophically. The pieces that have been born out of their connection are a fusion of contemporary Nordic folk music, jazz, classical impressionism and world music, combined with polyrhythmics, non-Western scales and a wide range of everything they have ever been musically influenced by - such as Chopin, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Gabriel Kahane and Punch Brothers.

The debut album “Trilogia/Trilogi: Indigo” got its name from a haze of deep blue melancholy that is present in every song. That is a soul scenery that Uimonen and Lorenzen share as artists and thus a borduna for the entire album. Uimonen/Lorenzen cherishes clarity and purpose in expression. Through their use of improvisational elements, alertness to each other’s musical impulses is paramount.

With the music they make they want to bring joy to the open-hearted, comfort to the lonely and true love and passion to the ones that desire it.
Emmi Uimonen - Steinway D grand piano
Troels Lorenzen - Borsini medio concerto accordion
 Appelsiininkukat yössä / Unohdettujen valssi / Suru silmissäsi tekee sinusta kauniin / Afsked / Hjemlængslen / Den søgende / Nosta jo ilmaan / Radioaallot / Meri heijaa yksinäistä

Julkaisija: Omakustanne

Koodi: ULTRI01
Julkaisuvuosi: 2017
Tuotteen tyyppi: CD
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