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ETHNO FINLAND 2.-9.7.2019

Registration to Ethno Finland 2019 is now closed. If you want to get to the waiting list or didn’t receive confirmation message after registration, email us at

Ethno Finland will be organized for the fifth time from 2nd to 9th of July 2019. It takes place in Kaustinen, central part of Finland. The camp ends with Kaustinen Folk Music Festival (8.-14.7.2019) and the camp group will perform there on 8th and 9th of July. Ethno Finland participants will get free entrance for the whole festival week.

Ethno Finland is aimed at young (17+) folk musicians all around the world. To celebrate 5-year-old Ethno Finland, the camp will be organized this year on the beautiful countryside of Kaustinen, where the folk tradition still lives extraordinarily strong. In Ethno Finland you’ll get to enjoy the bright nights of ”the land of the Midnight-Sun” and traditional sauna, not forgetting brilliant music among new friends!ethno team

Team of Ethno Finland 2019:
Allan Skrobe (Sweden/Croatia)
Antti Järvelä (Finland)
Vilma Talvitie (Finland)
Laura Kuisma (Finland)
Sami Karkar (France/Tunisia)

€340 for Finnish participants
€330 for other Nordic countries
€240 for anttijarvelainternational participants

How to get to Kaustinen:
-By bus from Helsinki to Kaustinen:
-By train from Helsinki to Kokkola and by bus from Kokkola to Kaustinen:
-More info coming with the camp information letter later

For more info:

Ethno Finland 2019 is organized by Finnish Folk Music Association (Suomen Kansanmusiikkiliitto) in co-operation with Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. Ethno Finland is financially supported by Kansalaisfoorumi. Ethno Finland is part of the Ethno program of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the world’s largest network for youth and music. All Ethnos:



In Ethno camps, participants teach traditional and folk music of their cultures to each other. The idea of Ethno is to increase understanding and respect towards other people and cultures, as well as to give chance for young musicians to develop musically and create networks over borders. The first Ethno music camp was organized in Sweden in 1989. Since then Ethno has grown worldwide including now over 20 countries.

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Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is the largest folk music festival of the Nordic Countries. Known for its unique atmosphere where both amateurs and professional artists mix freely, the festival is a rare blend of hundreds of inspired concerts, both domestic and international, workshops, improvised jam sessions and dance performances each summer.

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